Our Volunteers Shine!

St. Joseph’s Family Center is blessed with many wonderful volunteers. A few of them have volunteered to tell us a little bit more about themselves and what led them to Get Involved in serving at St. Joseph’s Family Center.


  St Joseph’s Family Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Federal Tax ID: 03-0391775.   St. Joseph’s Family Center has been a venerable institution in South County for 40 years. We are proud that over 90% of our financial resources go directly to assist hundreds of very low-income families and the homeless in our community. […]


SPECIAL EVENTS   Special events that bring our community together for a common cause of supporting our neighbors in need have been a long standing tradition of St. Joseph’s Family Center.   COVID-19 has completely changed how we approach fundraising as well as how we deliver our services to our community. With the reduction of […]


Our Mission: To alleviate hunger and homelessness in South Santa Clara County by providing food, housing and employment related services, and advocating for system changes to improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable people in our communities. The history of St. Joseph’s Family Center is a testament to grassroots efforts to create change locally. In the mid-1960’s, a group of women from St. Mary Parish saw a need to help the poor. Spearheaded by Marge Albaugh, these women worked diligently to secure donations of food and clothing for those who were part of the parish community. After time, Ms. Albaugh recognized these needs existed throughout the entire community, so in 1981, the formal organization, St. Joseph’s Family Center, was born. The organization grew as did the City of Gilroy, and as the numbers needing help swelled. SJFC became the giving arm of a consortium of local churches, businesses and individuals. While the name has remained the same, signifying... 

Recent Updates

Stopping Food Waste and Ending Hunger!

What is Food Waste?   Safe, quality foods produced for people to eat that is thrown away rather than eaten. Every year, approximately 40% of our produced foods goes to waste. Food is the largest component of many landfills.   Getting Food from Farm to Fork.   The Grocery Rescue Program was born out of the desire to get these quality foods into the hands of those who need it and keep it from adding to our waste stream.   St. Joseph’s Family Center is proud to partner... 

Diapers Needed!

  Donations of diapers in all sizes are greatly needed!   Donations can be made on:   Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00am – 2:30pm. Please pull up to the front of the pantry driveway for assistance in unloading.     The needs we are seeing are unprecedented, and have increased dramatically – mostly from families and individuals who have never had to seek help before. Our food assistance programs have seen an increase of 600% since the Shelter-in-Place... 

Coronavirus Update

The health and safety of our clients, volunteers and staff is our highest priority.   As responders in emergency situations, it is essential that we keep critical resources available to those who need them.   St. Joseph’s Family Center is prepared to serve our community during the coronavirus pandemic. Your support will help us respond quickly and compassionately.   Please consider donating – and help us keep “Gilroy Strong” by taking action today!     *********************************************************   We... 

“So many times you feel helpless on what to do to help others, volunteering and donating to SJFC makes me feel less helpless and that I am making a difference in someone else’s life.”~ Cindy

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    “You are wonderful. My son is in town to visit me and you made it possible for me to cook him a meal. It made me feel good to be able to do that for him. It made him feel like old times.” ~ Brenda (homeless)