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The backbone of St. Joseph’s Family Center has always been our volunteers.


Over 400 community volunteers help deliver our services in a compassionate manner, contributing 25,000+ hours of service each year.


This is the equivalent of 12 full-time staff positions!


By utilizing our volunteer corps, we are able to keep our overhead cost low, allowing us to dedicate over 90% of each dollar to direct family/client services.


We strive to make the volunteer experience rewarding and meaningful. We firmly believe that this should be a mutually beneficial relationship and there are many opportunities for you to become involved.

Whether you are supporting us with financial donations, or “rolling up your sleeves”, your commitment to St. Joseph’s Family Center helps us improve the lives of hundreds of families every week.

We are in need of volunteers! Apply online or by mail. 

“Once you start volunteering, it’s like brushing your teeth. If you miss a day no one will really notice, except you. But you just won’t feel the same, and you won’t feel good on the inside.” ~Dotty Sterla


Ways to get involved.



Complete and submit the Online Volunteer Application linked below:
» Online Volunteer Application



By Mail:
Click here to print > SJFC Volunteer Application to complete and return via:
Scan and email:
Fax: 408.842.5842
Office: 7950 Church St, Suite A
Questions: office – 408.842.6662


“So many times you feel helpless on what to do to help others, volunteering and donating to SJFC makes me feel less helpless and that I am making a difference in someone else’s life.”~ Cindy

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    “You are wonderful. My son is in town to visit me and you made it possible for me to cook him a meal. It made me feel good to be able to do that for him. It made him feel like old times.” ~ Brenda (homeless)