Food and Nutrition

In response to the increased need for support under COVID-19, SJFC has made necessary changes to the food distribution program.


To promote safety and distancing protocols, a drive-thru grocery distribution is now in place.



Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00am – 2:30pm.





Individuals and families are eligible to receive a grocery allotment once a week during this response time.


This program is open to anyone in need.

No preregistration is required.


All food items are pre-boxed/bagged for safety.


Bag lunches for our homeless population are available during the distribution hours.


**St. Joseph’s Family Center is an equal opportunity provider

“So many times you feel helpless on what to do to help others, volunteering and donating to SJFC makes me feel less helpless and that I am making a difference in someone else’s life.”~ Cindy

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    “You are wonderful. My son is in town to visit me and you made it possible for me to cook him a meal. It made me feel good to be able to do that for him. It made him feel like old times.” ~ Brenda (homeless)