Board of Directors

Linda Ramirez

Linda Ramirez ~ President

Ever since I can remember I’ve always had a deep desire to care for people and I think that is why I have gravitated towards SJFC.  I feel like SJFC is the hub of our community and I am very proud of the work that is done here to meet the basic needs such as food and shelter.  Many people are just one emergency away from not being able to pay rent or put food on the table. I am very grateful to be able to serve SJFC and do my part to serve this great community we live in.


Gwyneth Sauceda ~ Vice President

Kurt Michielssen

Kurt Michielssen ~ Treasurer

I first learned of St. Joseph’s in 2001 when David joined Rotary.  Since then, I have watched it grow as a non-profit serving the needy of Gilroy and the South Santa Clara Valley.  Over the years, I‘ve donated to St. Joseph’s and hoped to do more to help.  When David called and asked if I would be willing to serve on the Board, it was a no brainer.  This is a great opportunity to give back to Gilroy.


Pat Dwyer

Pat Dwyer ~ Secretary

My commitment and service to St. Joseph’s Family Center boils down to one concept: leverage.  St. Joseph’s Family Center allows me to “leverage” my time, treasure and talent in a way that would not be possible acting as an individual.  I know that people are fed, housed, employed and get access to services because of the work we do at St Joseph’s.  I’m happy and privileged to be a part of it.


Fr. Brocato

Fr. Robert Brocato ~ Pastor St. Mary Parish





Anna Montes

Rachel Perez

Rita Quintero

  Rita Quintero ~ Retired, Gilroy Unified School District

I have always believed that, “We are here for the next person.”  That means that each of us has a responsibility to help those who need our help.  St. Joseph’s Family Center does that on an ongoing basis, with it’s staff, many dedicated volunteers and with the contributions of all those who donate towards it’s cause.  


Linda Williams

Linda Williams ~ Business Owner

I feel very privileged to be on the board of St. Joseph’s Family Center. This organization accomplishes so much that serves the people of Gilroy, whether filling a temporary need or responding to a crisis. All are welcome at St. Joseph’s, and all are assured of friendly and respectful attention. Our small town generosity in supporting this highly effective agency has always been inspirational to me. Now, as a board member, I have a greater opportunity to participate in the plans and goals of the Center. Great things are in our future!

David Cox

David Cox ~ Executive Director

St. Joseph’s Family Center, and myself, are blessed with a very dedicated staff and legion of volunteers who help make our mission successful.  I joined St. Joseph’s Family Center 17 years ago in order to create impact and steer a local non-profit into the new millennium. Working with a small, but deeply respected, agency allows me to leave a footprint, not only for those we serve, but in the community as well. The community defines itself by making everything we do possible.


Emeritus Board

Our Emeritus Board is comprised of past board members who want to stay involved in advising the current Board of Directors and staff.

Barbara DeLorenzo

Jim Habing

Joanne Kraemer

Rochelle Woodward

“So many times you feel helpless on what to do to help others, volunteering and donating to SJFC makes me feel less helpless and that I am making a difference in someone else’s life.”~ Cindy

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    “You are wonderful. My son is in town to visit me and you made it possible for me to cook him a meal. It made me feel good to be able to do that for him. It made him feel like old times.” ~ Brenda (homeless)